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How to setup an Elance Profile

Follow the steps to setup your Elance profile; click on the button “Start Your Profile” to get started.
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Below is a list of what your Elance profile carries about you and you should endeavor to make them attractive so that potential clients or people seeking to hire freelancers can hire you for jobs.
OVERVIEW:  Here, you are expected to give a general description of who you are and what your hourly rate ($) for jobs is like. I would advice that you state your price as negotiable. The reason is that most clients who hire freelancers usually put a price range of how much they can afford to pay while posting the job on Elance.
PORTFOLIO: Your portfolio contains the samples of all the works you may have done in the past. In other words, your portfolio carries the specimens of your expertise in the fields you mentioned you are knowledgeable in. I strongly advice that you should make your portfolio rich because it is attached to your Elance profile and clients view it to find out your level of expertise in the job they would hire you to do.
SKILLS: There are several fields of skills for you to select from. You can edit and new skills at any time you want. For each of the skills you select, there is an option for you to take a test on it. The reason for this is to show clients how good and knowledgeable you are in that field. Testing your skill is not a must but it serves as a boost to your profile. You are very free to take the test at any time you are better prepared to do so. Endeavor to score a high mark in any of the skill tests you would take. This will no doubt attract clients to hand you jobs.
SERVICE DESCRIPTION: You are expected to state here how you would perform any job given to you. Mention your level of expertise in your chosen fields and how you will deliver quality jobs to clients. This is another opportunity for you to market yourself.
KEYWORDS: Mention a few keywords that relates to your skills so that clients who search for contractors for certain jobs can always have you listed in the search field.

On my next post, I will tell you how to verify yourself on Elance, how to take the Elance pledge and so much more.
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