Tuesday, 30 July 2013

How to be verified on Elance

Getting verified on Elance would greatly enhance a freelancer's profile. Prospective clients would rather go for verified freelancers than those who have not been verified.
Shortly below I will state the details of how one can be verified on Elance.
*Log into you Elance account
*Click on the FIND WORK menu
*Select the Freelancer Profile

*Click on verify your identity by the right side of your PC's screen

*A pop up screen will come up asking you to accept the terms and conditions
*Click on the I accept the terms and conditions checkbox. Then click continue
*You will be taken to ID Verification page where you have to fill out your bio data form, upload an acceptable identity card like your international passport, national ID card or your driver's license.
*Next go ahead and schedule a convenient time for you when you would receive a skype call interview from an Elance agent. 
NB: Make sure you have skype software installed on your PC and that you have an active account. You equally need a working web camera and a mic to enable you interact with the Elance agent.
*Next check the I authorize you checkbox and click submit.
There you are. You will get a skype call from an Elance agent. So make sure you are logged into your skype account. One more thing, the interview would not last beyond 1minute. So why not take this bold step and get your self verified on Elance to boost your chances of getting yourself more jobs.
More details of how to improve your profile will be discussed in later posts.
Stay focused
*keep in touch*